What’s the difference you ask? Antilles EcoQuest, a unique island experience, not a tour. A personalized adventure exploring sites you wish to see and learn more about. You gain a personal island connection. Tours are often shared with other guests, have a rigid predetermined schedule, and you have limited say in the activities.

Your unique island experience is precisely that, your experience. You deserve more on your vacation than being treated as a tourist. Spend a day with us and be treated as part of our family.


  • private crowded, up to 100 others on same tour

  • you determine the focus predetermined activities

  • flexible time frame fixed time and schedule; hurried

  • licensed guide inexperienced, seasonal employees

  • access the inaccessible hundreds follow same path/waters daily



Uncover island history, snorkel, hike, or lounge by the sea and be one with nature. Your exclusive guide will meet you at your cruise ship and escort you independently via local “Safari” to a beach, trail, or destination site of your selection. Together we will explore what interests YOU.


Take the plunge and drift apart from the others. You’ll feel in-tune with the island vibe, a part of something larger than yourself.


Antilles EcoQuest will integrate you into the island for a day. As a small guide service our reputation depends on your fulfilled dreams. We strive to make each outing unique and aligned with your imagination. We make your day in paradise as relaxed or exhausting as you desire. A slow barefoot hike along sandy tidal pools, snorkeling in the calm Caribbean waters, or an adventurous hike to secluded beaches seldom visited by locals and rarely a tourist in sight.

Urban or beach, your vacation merits personal service and fulfillment. Our guides are trained professionals, certified in Wilderness First Aid, CPR, and licensed in the USVI. Julie is a past U.S. Park Ranger, stationed in the Tongass National Forest, Alaska. Ask her about the bears!

Booking with the large tour company you are just part of the group being ushered along. Your guide will be an inexperience untrained seasonal employee, pointing out landmarks along a scripted tour. Select the intimate unique adventure. Make that island connection of your own. Move away from the crowds and heavily traveled trails.

You are unique, you deserve a unique island experience!

Your Antilles EcoQuest adventure will be exclusive to you.

Yes, you may be offered an opportunity to taste a termite, why not? Our guide service is FuN and adventurous. No worries if you decline the offer, but try something new during your visit. There’s a world that was meant for us to see. Choose to be unique and not follow the crowds. Come explore a small island located in the Lesser Antilles archipelago, find your island connection with Antilles EcoQuest.


Your Antilles EcoQuest guide is licensed, insured, and certified in Wilderness First Aid/CPR/AED Rescue. Drug and substance FREE. Meet our guides!



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